ROVINJ... is a beautiful and pitoresque small town situated on the western coast of Istrian peninsula.Because of its mild climat, a lot of sunny days, warm sea, attractive scenary as well as its historical monuments and the old town, it is popular meeting-place of all kind of artists - painters, writers, actors- during the whole year.The islands and small islands (13) of Rovinj archipelag, a numerous baies and ports, Lim-Fjord, National park "Zlatni rt" (Golden Cape), yachts-ports-marina, sports, dancing-evenings etc. have made Rovinj one of the most attractive tourist centers.If we should compare Istria with the most beautiful shell of Adriatic sea, Rovinj would be it's pearl. A small town in Croatia, on the west coast of Istria, on 45 01' of latitude and 13 38' of longitude east of Greenwich. It is one of nine towns in Istrian County that cover almost the whole Istrian peninsula or 2.815.09 sq. km. i.e. 5% of the Republic of Croatia.The climate is Mediterranean. The average temperature is 4,8 C in January and 22,3 C in July. The average annual temperature is 16 C.Sea temperature is more than 20 C from the middle of June to the middle of September. The average annual sea temperature is 16,6 C.From the middle of May to the middle of September the sun shines more than 10 hours a day.The rainfall averages 940 mm a year. The average moist level is 72%. Vegetation is subtropicalIn Rovinj Archipelago there are 22 islets among which St Andrew and St Catherina are the biggest and the most beautiful.In the area of Rovinj there are some valuable and protected parts of nature, special reserves: islands and the coast from the islet of Sv. Ivan (St John) to the islet of Dvije sestrice (Two Sisters), sea and underwater of the Limski kanal (Lim fjord) and a part of Limska draga (Lim dell), Park Forest "Punta Corrente", marsh Palud, Romuald's cave on the southern side Lim fjord and stone-pit Monfiorenzo as a kind of geological monument of nature